9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bengal Cats

This article dives into the world of Bengal cats – a breed that is all about charm, elegance, and a hint of the wild! In this article, we will explore 9 interesting facts about these amazing creatures. From their mesmerizing coat patterns to their playful and adventurous personalities, Bengal cats are truly one-of-a-kind. So, let’s jump right in and discover what makes them so extraordinary!

1. Bengal Cats Enjoy the Water 

While most cats tend to avoid water, Bengals are commonly seen enjoying time in water! They love splashing in sinks, playing with dripping faucets, and even hanging out in the shower with their owners! This is believed to have been inherited from their wild ancestors. [1]

2. Bengal Cats Have a Wild Side

Although all pets have a wild ancestral past, the Bengal Cat is not far removed from its wild heritage. The Bengal Cat was created through breeding with the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic tabby cat, Abyssinian, Burmese, and Egyptian Mau. Some Bengal Cats can be owned at only 2 generations past their initial breeding, depending on where they are located. 

3. Bengal Cats are Extremely Intelligent 

Bengal Cats are remarkably trainable and love learning new tricks. Their high intelligence and curiosity make them quick learners, so teaching them fun tricks and commands is a breeze. With a little patience and lots of treats, you’ll have your Bengal Cat doing incredible tricks!

4. Bengal Cats Are Illegal in Some States

Bengal cats are generally allowed in the majority of states and countries; however, there are certain exceptions. For instance, in some U.S. states such as Hawaii, Bengal cats are deemed dangerous wild animals and are consequently prohibited. [2]

5. Bengal Cats Can Have a Shimmering Coat

These cats’ coats sometimes have a unique, glittering shine. I say sometimes because it is the result of a recessive gene. Not all bengals have it, but sometimes it may appear that they have glitter in their coats! While it is not actually glitter, their coat does have a shimmering, iridescent quality making them look like they are coated with a golden/pearl dust. In fact, the glitter look was so convincing that the first cat to be showed with a glitter coat got rubbed with a cloth by the judge because he thought the breeder was trying to pull one over on him!

One more fun fact — this gene is cumulative, meaning that if one glitter bengal is bred with another glitter bengal, the kittens will be even more glittery! [3]

6. Bengal Cats are Talkative

These cats are not shy about using their voice to communicate with their human companions. From trills to meows and even chirps, these chatty kitties love to have a good conversation. 

7. Bengal Cats Resemble Little Leopards

Bengal Cats generally come in two coat styles: spotted and marbled. The spotted ones have big, bold rosettes or random spots that make them look like mini leopards prowling through your living room. On the other hand, the marbled ones have swirly patterns. They both look really cool and which one you choose comes down to personal preference!

8. Bengal Cats May Not Be Budget Friendly 

Bengal Cat are sometimes referred to as the “Rolls Royce of Cats”. This is due to their exotic history and uniqueness, which results in a premium price. Some people are known to have paid $50,000 for their bengal cat. Although, they generally cost between $1,500-$10,000 based on the breeder.

9. Bengal Cats Have A Thing For Shiny Objects

Bengal Cats have a tendency to steal. These masters of thievery like to take and hide shiny objects such as keys or jewelry. The reason behind this strange fascination is their wild ancestry, as some wildcats are known to hoard shiny items in their natural habitat. So, don’t be surprised if you happen to “misplace” your keys… your Bengal Cat might be the culprit behind the missing items. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Bengal cats truly stand out as fascinating and unique felines in the world of domestic pets. Their striking appearance, playful personalities, and wild ancestry make them an alluring choice for cat enthusiasts. From their beautifully marbled coats to their energetic and affectionate nature, Bengal cats bring an exotic touch to our homes while still being loving and loyal companions. So, if you ever find yourself wanting a touch of the wild with a whole lot of charm, a Bengal cat might just be the purrfect addition to your family!

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Bengals are more high maintenance than most cat breeds due to their wild background and high energy levels. They require lots of playtime with their owners to ensure they do not get bored and get the exercise that they need. Their needs for both physical and mental stimulation are higher than most other cats. They should not be left alone for extended periods of time.

It will cost you $1500-$3000 to buy a bengal kitten from a reputable breeder.

Bengal cats typically live 12-15 years.

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